The City of Edmonton manages pests such as weeds, tree pests, plant diseases, stinging/biting insects, rodents, and water-borne diseases using a variety of programs.

Improving soil quality and manual weed control (hand pulling and digging) are the first choice in managing weeds. Herbicides are used when these other methods are not reliable or feasible enough to meet provincial requirements and parkland standards.

The City of Edmonton does not allow the use of herbicides on non-noxious weeds such as dandelions so frequent mowing and weed picking are the only options for the Golf Course to address the weeds.

If residents are concerned about the lack of weed control on public or private property, please report the exact location and weeds of concern by using one of the following options:

  • Using the 311 app reporting noxious weed issues under “Weeds” selecting “Noxious weeds – private property” or “Noxious weeds – public property”, depending on the location
  • Calling 311
  • Using the online request form

Please note that dandelions are not a regulated weed under the Alberta Weed Control Act.

Complaints reported via 311 allows the City to better track concerns of citizens and gather statistics on issues more effectively.