The Board of Directors has awarded the 2024 landscaping contract to Seasonal Impact.

2024 Landscaping Area Map

2024 Mulch Plan

Spring Clean Up occurs in May and includes:

– Dethatching turf areas

– Removing gravel from turf areas

– Mowing and trimming turf areas

– Removal of debris from turf areas, shrubs and garden beds

Fall Clean Up occurs in November and includes:

– All leaf litter will be removed from turf areas, gardens and shrub beds

– All turf areas will be mowed and trimmed

Maintenance Request

Please review the HOA Obligations Map prior to sending a maintenance request.

For City of Edmonton maintenance, please click here

Note, landscaping complaints regarding weeds, pruning and mowing, should first be reported to the City of Edmonton. Property Taxes cover landscaping within your community by the City of Edmonton. Ensuring that the City maintains the community effectively will allow the HOA to reduce enhanced maintenance in future years.