2021 Jagare Ridge Community Maintenance

The maintenance contract has been awarded to the Jagare Ridge Golf Course for the 2021 Season.

The HOA maintenance areas and descriptions are located HERE and will be maintained regularly as our contractors have not been impacted by the pandemic. The fountains are also included in the HOA Responsibilities. The Golf course will be addressing the algae over the coming weeks with a product that eats the nutrients algae uses and is environmentally friendly.

However, from time-to-time there may be an area that is overlooked. If you come across an area identified under the HOA responsibilities in need of attention, please contact HOA@melcor.ca

The City of Edmonton Parks department role is to maintain, groom and address residents’ concerns and enquiries regarding the parks, green spaces, playgrounds and pathways within Jagare Ridge. Please see the MAP for areas maintained by the City. The HOA will supplement additional maintenance on these areas as the city standard is not adequate to ensure the community is maintained to the high standard that the residents of Jagare Ridge are accustomed to.

Report From Jagare Ridge Golf Course June 9, 2021