During the Summer and Fall of 2020 we worked with a new contractor on re-staining the fencing in the community. This contractor carried out tests on fencing and an OXFORD BROWN stain was chosen to complete the task. Many Areas were completed and areas that were not completed are scheduled to be completed in Spring/summer 2021.

We are very pleased with the finished result, and will continue with this stain throughout the community.

Please see Jagare Fencing Map – HOA Fence Restaining Map

Messmers Oxford Brown Tone – Specifications

Residents who have concerns over their private internal side of the fence please email the development manager directly at APetrosky@melcor.ca  with the following information;

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Occupancy/Purchase Date
  4. Specific concerns
  5. Photos
  6. Any correspondence relating to the fence