Edmonton Folk Music Festival – Taking it to the Streets

Event Date: September 1, 2021

Edmonton Folk Music Festival – Taking it to the Streets

You may have heard about the Edmonton Folk Music Festival initiative “Taking it to the Streets”

We are excited to announce The HOA Board has applied to host a free concert on behalf of Jagare Ridge. This will be presented by the Edmonton Folk Music Festival as part of their “Taking it to the Street” concert series. It is free of charge to residents and is designed to bring music exclusively to Jagare, in order to spread some community joy.

We have suggested the popular location from previous community events at the greenspace on Hays Ridge Blvd, in front of the waterfall. 

If we do not hear from you, we will assume that you consent to any potential road closure for approximately 4 hours on the day of the decided date.

Please note we do not have a date at this time. We have applied for the event and if Successful, the Festival organizers will provide the date.  

If we receive confirmation that the application was successful from the Edmonton Folk Music Festival, we will notify you of the day and time of the concert and provide additional details.

If successful The festival will supply the artists and the production – all you need to do is show up!!!!

Please see further details here https://edmontonfolkfest.org/#streets