Jun 18, 2021: 2020 & 2019 Jagare Ridge HOA Audited Financial Statements

The 2020 Jagare Ridge Homeowners Association Audited Financial Statements have been completed by Colby Steckly are ready and available HERE. Please note the 2019 Audited Financials have been Restated due to a significant amount of Membership fees received pertaining the 2019 year. They are now uploaded HERE  If you have any questions pertaining the Financials, […]

Jun 9, 2021: The City of Edmonton Pest Management

The City of Edmonton manages pests such as weeds, tree pests, plant diseases, stinging/biting insects, rodents, and water-borne diseases using a variety of programs. Improving soil quality and manual weed control (hand pulling and digging) are the first choice in managing weeds. Herbicides are used when these other methods are not reliable or feasible enough to meet provincial requirements […]

Jun 9, 2021: 2021 Jagare Ridge Community Maintenance

2021 Jagare Ridge Community Maintenance The maintenance contract has been awarded to the Jagare Ridge Golf Course for the 2021 Season. The HOA maintenance areas and descriptions are located HERE and will be maintained regularly as our contractors have not been impacted by the pandemic. The fountains are also included in the HOA Responsibilities. The […]

Jan 12, 2021: 2021 Annual Membership Fees are now due

Jagare Ridge Homeowner Association 2021 Annual Membership Fees are now due. Membership is mandatory and cannot be opted out of. Fees are for the maintenance of the amenities the HOA are responsible for please refer to the map for further information HERE The 2021 Notice HERE Includes a breakdown of operating costs for the 2021 […]

Dec 8, 2020: Community Stormwater Ponds-Safety Info for Residents

For the safety of all our residents and their families and friends please stay off Stormwater ponds. They are not safe for any use in any season. Please read the full safety details and explanations from the EPCOR website https://www.epcor.com/products-services/drainage/stormwater/Pages/default.aspx 

Oct 23, 2020: Community Fence Re-staining Update

During the Summer and Fall of 2020 we worked with a new contractor on re-staining the fencing in the community. This contractor carried out tests on fencing and an OXFORD BROWN stain was chosen to complete the task. Many Areas were completed and areas that were not completed are scheduled to be completed in Spring/summer […]

Oct 20, 2020: 2020 AGM Results & Updates

We are without doubt living through unprecedented levels of uncertainty and learning new ways of handling the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown at us, As a result, the 2020 AGM meeting was held via zoom and there was no in person meeting and all voting was held in advance. We moved through the […]

Sep 30, 2020: 141 Street & Hays Ridge Intersection Update

We would like to acknowledge and thank our community members for advocating to Councilor Cartmell on the need for a traffic signal to be installed at the intersection of 141 Street and Hays Ridge Blvd. Due to the complexity of the road design, the speed limit of the road and additional speed survey data, City […]